How to stop rashes when wearing an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, regardless of which model you choose from a roster of excellent options, is a superb smartwatch that pairs perfectly with an iPhone.

However, like anything worn on the wrist, some people will find that wearing it can lead to a little skin irritation at times - we're here to explain why that might be happening and give some tips on how to stop it.

How to avoid rashes with Apple Watch
There are quite a few reasons why you might find your Apple Watch is giving you skin irritation, as it happens, so we'll run through a few of them that you should consider.

Get the right band for you
There are a lot of Apple Watch bands out there, both from Apple itself and from a huge nearly endless list of third-party options.

The key variable here is the material used in each band - these can range from wool to polyester to leather to latex, and that last one is something that actually quite a few people have a mild allergy to. Whether it's latex or another material, if you notice that you're finding some bands more irritating than others, consider concentrating on the materials that don't give you a rash.

It is recommended to use our watch straps, including nylon, TPU, paracord, etc. These materials have a very low chance of causing allergies.

Don't wear it too tight
Once you have a band that you feel is a good match with your skin's sensitivity, it's also worth checking that you're not over-tightening your band on your wrist.

Wearing it too tightly can definitely make irritation more likely, so try to find a fit that isn't either too tight or so loose that it might be rubbing.

Clean your Apple Watch

It's very possible that your band isn't the problem, but rather than it's the Apple Watch body itself that's rubbing - in which case, cleaning it could help.

Recent Apple Watches are fine with water, so feel free to rinse it under a tap, wipe it down carefully and make sure that your watch is clean. Just remember to expel any water after cleaning by using the Apple Watch's built in water-expulsion (it gets you to turn the Digital Crown).

Don't wear it for a while
We're aware that most people will be looking for solutions that involve still wearing their Apple Watch, but if you develop a rash that's severe enough to cause pain or constant annoyance, it's worth stating that giving your wrist a break could be a great idea.

A few days without a watch to worry about could be just what your skin needs to bounce back and come back stronger - and if you feel like it you could always swap your Apple Watch onto your other wrist in the meantime.
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